1. Ostrich. Character development. #characterdevelopment #ostrich

  2. Today’s request is Shredder eating turtle soup, it had a few votes. I feel very comfy drawing Shredder, so I wanted to focus on making a more dynamic pose, anatomy and adding a story element to such a simple (but funny) idea. I took my time with it, like 35 minutes total. Tomorrow I will focus on fitting the entire body into the page. Thanks for the requests!

  3. The inmate number may change but I am liking the way Rhino is looking. Character development. #rhino #characterdevelopment

  4. :) more character development. #rhino

  5. So I’m not accepting new commissions but I am still catching up on old. This is for @stevericossajr , his daughter ice skating with a few if the Frozen cast.

  6. Man this looked so much better in my head. Really struggling with posing still. 20 minute sketch. Thanks for the request @irishloki911! #storm #xmen #art #sketch #ink #request #comic #nerd #marvel #kiteflying #happy

  7. Some more character development. Also practicing on the galaxy note. Just picked up a wacom bamboo Feel stylus which feels really good.

  8. Iron Man is frustrated. His ironing board can hover. This has been requested numerous times with great patience by @marktoclops and also had a few votes for it today. Took about 20 minutes, let me know what you think good or bad. #ironman #tonystark #avengers #marvel #art #sketch #ink #request #comic #nerd

  9. Still practicing with digital. This is today’s lunchtime request - captain America riding his shield like a sled! An awesome request from @stevericossajr that had a couple votes for it. #captainamerica #marvel #digital #art #sketch #request

  10. Today’s lunchtime request is Mega Man polishing his helmet. He’s really going at it, isn’t he? And yes, mega man has an afro under his helmet. That’s Nintendo canon, look it up. #megaman #nintendo #art #sketch #ink #request

  11. So i had difficulty uploading the Lunchtime Requests pic, sorry all. I suck, I know. I went with this which had been requested a number of times by somebody - Spiderman feeding his pet spider. Did this in under 30 minutes. Let me know if it was you that requested this! And thanks! #spiderman #webhead #art #sketch #ink #request #comic #nerd #marvel #spiderverse

  12. I feel like I’m making some progress here on my first day. I like this coloring style more, only used airbrush subtly on the eyes and stuck with simple reds for the mask. Just playing in the bg.

  13. I spent a good chunk of time on this. It’s got that amateur airbrush quality to it. I have a lot to learn! #firsttry #tmnt

  14. This weekend is an absolute artistic revolution for me. Last night I learned a new coloring technique. Today I picked up a Go Pro camera so I can start uploading more work to YouTube which I have neglected so much. And I also picked up a Samsung Note Pro 12.2. I researched the hell out of drawing tablets and this one simply was the best fit for me. I’ve already deleted a bunch of stuff. This is to be purely a drawing/coloring tablet and I want as much of the computing power dedicated to that and that alone. I’ll let you know what I think of it as get more used to it, but so far Sketchbook Pro is fun, intuitive and runs super smoothly. Man I’m excited.

  15. This print and many others are now available in my store - theartofjustinprime.storenvy.com #prints #tmnt #ninjaturtles #classic #childhood #art